For experienced rope access technicians.

This course is for candidates who already have an IRATA Level 2 Qualification.

A Level 3 rope access technician shall be capable of site supervision for rope access work projects.

You must be conversant with relevant work techniques and legislation, able to demonstrate all the skill and knowledge of Levels 1 and 2.

You will have a comprehensive knowledge of advanced rescue techniques and hold an appropriate current first aid certificate, to show that suitable emergency first aid training has been undertaken.

You will have knowledge of the IRATA Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme (TACS) and the IRATA International Code of Practice (ICOP).

Level 3 Syllabus Content

Theoretical Knowledge

  • Relevant legislation, guidelines and standards
  • Awareness of risk assessments and safety method statement
  • Awareness of permit to work systems and exclusion zones
  • Working practices and worksite organization
  • Categories of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Equipment selection, use and maintenance, pre use checks and inspection
  • Anchor types and systems
  • Awareness of fall factors
  • Awareness of suspension Intolerance and casualty management
  • Tensioned lines
  • Work restraint
  • Horizontal lifelines
  • Anchorage selection
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Risk assessments and method statements
  • Equipment inspection, management and records
  • Rescue management
  • Assessment of alternatives to lead climbing and, where lead climbing is a valid safe option, be capable of writing a method statement for lead climbing in a particular situation


  • Descent, ascent and changeovers
  • Passing deviations
  • Passing a re-belay
  • Passing knots
  • Rope-to-rope transfer
  • Passing an edge or obstruction and passing mid rope protection
  • Climbing with cow’s-tails
  • Climbing with fall arrest lanyards
  • Using a work seat


  • Rescue a casualty in descent and awareness of a basic haul and lower
  • Rescue from ascent mode
  • Rescue from an aid-climb situation
  • Rescue past a small re-belay
  • Rescue past a deviation
  • Rescue from a rope-to-rope
  • Haul and lower from a platform
  • Hanging haul
  • Cross haul
  • Advanced rescue
  • Tensioned ropes
  • Short link
  • Descent passing knots
  • Break into tight rope,
  • Rescue through a large re-belay
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