We create solutions to predict, prevent and prepare for performance issues to keep things running longer and safer.

Data analytics

Data is referred to as the ‘new oil’. At Wood we know a lot about the new and the old. Our data scientists develop powerful tools for customers to gain deep insights on their operations to improve asset design, extend life and reduce decommissioning costs.

We can provide end to end software solutions for every point in the asset life cycle. We improve our customers ability to collect, monitor and analyse information on their assets.

With better visibility on asset performance, operators can make informed decisions on the future of their assets.


Timely, not too late. Make informed decisions about when to intervene

Reduce risks to people and the environment

Minimise costs and maximise yield throughout the asset life cycle


Wood works across the globe with customers to co-create solutions to help solve some of their biggest problems. Our software solutions are proved to simplify the design and operations process keeping assets running safely, longer and at lower cost.

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NEXUS IC - asset integrity management

NEXUS Integrity Centre (NEXUS IC) is a flexible, world-class integrity management software that facilitates the building of integrity frameworks for all asset types, with no industry limitations.


iMAASP is a user-friendly and efficient means of calculating and recalculating maximum-allowable annulus surface pressure (MAASP) on your desktop.

ProDyn - operator training simulator software

ProDyn is a powerful, dynamic tool to teach and test the various operations of a process model, creating a realistic training environment.

DeepRiser - drilling riser analysis​

The industry-standard tool for global drilling riser analysis.

Asset Performance

Asset Performance is a tool for owners, operators and investors to monitor wind portfolios, analyse and compare data that will highlight improvements to assets

Software services for Nuclear

Wood applies a systematic, disciplined and quantifiable approach to the design, development, installation, operation and maintenance of software products.

ECE™ - corrosion and materials selection

Electronic Corrosion Engineer - the leading software for modelling corrosion in oil & gas production, pipelines, geothermal and process industries.


iNotepad software is compatible with any Windows capable device – such as ruggedised and inherently safe tablets – and is used to collect data while the user is offline and in the field.


The most advanced and technically capable drilling riser management solution available.


ProLearn is a specialised e-learning solution for the process industry.

Unmanned aerial vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) combine the efficiency of ground scopes and the detailed imagery of rope access during an inspection campaign

Cost control and reporting

Project Cost Controls ensure proper management of the project budget in a constantly changing environment for the operator/owner. We specialise in the field of cost management from the initial estimate build (or Bills of Quantities preparation)


A one-stop solution for integrity and broader well operation management needs.

OptiView - riser analysis data as a deliverable

View, collate and interrogate the results of global drilling riser analysis interactively.


Wood offers field-proven asset performance management tools for the design, management and optimal operation of oil & gas, pipeline and processing facilities.

Asset control room service

Our control room is a technical support hub providing site owners with an asset management service for operational portfolios.

VP Link

VP Link is a dynamic simulator used to test the logic of distributed control systems (DCS) and as virtual plant/process for operator training systems (OTS).


MetMast will ensure you have the highest quality wind measurement analysis data for your site.


ENVision monitors environmental compliance, reduces reporting effort for downstream, refining and petrochemical facilities.


Automated system for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting.

Galion Lidar unit

Galion Lidar is pioneering, cutting-edge wind speed measurement technology allowing visualisation of wind speed and directional data.


Proevx is an analytics-enabled, web-based, intuitive and highly visual software platform to manage production efficiency and loss reporting.


Maestro is an integrated toolkit for post-simulation processing and specialized flow assurance analysis.


Advanced marine engineering simulation software.


Industry leading offshore installation monitoring and management system using real-time simulation to improve lay vessel productivity and line integrity


Industry leading offshore installation analysis package, capable of static and dynamic analyses with dedicated automation to improve engineering productivity


Reliability analysis tool with information you can trust, iQRA is a flexible solution for all types of reliability information


Planning simulator for refineries and petrochemical facilities.


Production scheduling simulator for refineries and petrochemical facilities.


Real-time performance monitoring, dashboarding and visualisation framework


OptiWave is a financial and engineering optimisation software platform for wave energy systems.

Data analytics

Our data analytics and software design services improve efficiency and predict operational or safety issues.

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