Real-time environmental compliance monitoring, reporting and analytics suite.

The ENVision system proactively monitors environmental compliance, reduces reporting effort and provides immediate insight to downstream, refining and petrochemical facilities.

Our customers face complex challenges in compliance and regulatory requirements for environmental monitoring around the world. This is evident in air monitoring, for example, where every day up to 10 million calculations are required to comply.

ENVision is a robust system providing a real-time flow of information. As well as delivering regular reports, this leading software alerts users to potential issues to reassure customers of their quality compliance at all times.

Wood provides cost-effective monitoring, troubleshooting, data gathering and reporting with ENVision. Its standardisation and transparency are crucial for safe and effective plant operations.

Assuring clarity and accuracy, all responsible personnel are involved in preparing and reviewing report information. From the environmental department analysts to senior plant management, everyone plays a key role in environmental monitoring.

The system provides additional value for customers through its ability to integrate with all enterprise resource planning (ERP) and environmental management systems (EMIS) to automate additional reporting requirements.

Benefits include

  • Real-time availability, critical for notification during operational issues
  • Works with all plant emissions including nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx,) volatile organic compounds (VOC), carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter (PM) and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG )
  • Reliable, consistent source of historical data to meet requirements
  • Transparency for internal and regulatory audits
  • Simplifies compilation of emissions data
  • Assures report accuracy with audit substantiation
  • Necessary information immediately available to all levels of responsibility
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