Flexible, world-class integrity management software

NEXUS Integrity Centre (NEXUS IC) is a flexible, world-class integrity management software that facilitates the building of integrity frameworks for all asset types, with no industry limitations. It is designed to cater for all-of-facility integrity needs across the life cycle and will integrate with computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) to help you reduce data duplication and improve productivity.

NEXUS IC manages information to enable:

  • Storage of live asset information during operation
  • Anomaly tracking from initial discovery to close out
  • Storage of inspection and condition-monitoring data
  • Real-time calculations to predict and analyse common integrity issues
  • Routines to automate reporting on current integrity status and integrity management strategy
  • Dynamic risk assessment from real-time data/inspection results
  • Planning for fixed interval and bespoke risk-based inspection (RBI) scheduling

NEXUS IC can interface, use and update information in a wide range of different systems (e.g., SAP and other CMMS systems, GIS systems, and historian systems).

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