Planning simulator for refineries and petrochemical facilities

Strategic and production planning are vital for maximising profitability while ensuring product quality and scheduling flexibility. ProPlan is a comprehensive strategic planning, material balance and production planning tool.

Our software provides an intuitive graphical interface with flowsheet modelling to quickly build models and assess 'what-if' options for multiple scenarios. An economic analysis, together with flexible planning of products and capacities, can be conducted for the complete plant.

ProPlan simulates plant operations by performing block-by-block calculations to determine all streams flowing between the various units of the plant. The simulator predicts yields, product properties and the consumption of utilities.

The use of non-linear optimisation methods provides more accurate results and the flexibility to customise the background equations used. There are also multiple interfaces to automate data transfer from other systems for more efficient data integration and dashboarding.

Profitability is maximised by employing the powerful LINDO multistart advanced optimiser within ProPlan. This determines the optimum operating conditions and allocation of components to finished products, subject to user-specified quality concerns.

Applications of ProPlan include

  • Production planning - evaluate feedstock and opportunity crudes for short- and long-term planning
  • Process modelling - conduct feasibility analysis for new and revamp plant configurations
  • Process optimisation - determine the ideal range of operation of the existing units
  • Showcase technology - demonstrate the impact or superiority of one technology over another
  • Training and learning - promote better understanding of plant operations and economics

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