Complete scheduling solution for the refining, petrochemical, gas processing and energy industries

Refineries face a number of operational and supply chain challenges and schedulers are required to design optimal plans around them. ProSched software helps to automate the supply chain, increasing capacity, reducing loss and freeing up capital.

ProSched provides the most efficient solution to schedule operations while accounting for tank storage capacity, actual stock, unit operations parameters and feedstock. The ProSched solver quickly determines a feasible solution based on current orders, plant models and constraints.

Our software is designed to produce realistic schedules that can be implemented to meet all physical and operational constraints. A detailed schedule for each operation is generated and users can view reports through the simple directory structure. This information is used to generate dynamic Gantt charts and overall schedule reports.

Example scheduling applications:

  • Reducing demurrage and inventory costs
  • Managing tank inventory
  • Improving feed quality by reducing unpredictability
  • Optimising use of key operating units
  • Reducing inventory run outs and unplanned incidents
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