The Port Hope Area Initiative is one of the largest environmental restoration programmes in the history of Canada. The Government of Canada is providing cleanup and long-term, safe management of historic low-level radioactive waste. As a partner in a joint venture, Wood is playing a critical role through engineering technology-focused solutions to support waste excavation.

In 2015, our joint venture was contracted to construct a new long-term waste management facility in Port Granby and relocate approximately 450,000 cubic metres of low-level radioactive waste and contaminated soils from a nearby existing facility - located on the shoreline of Lake Ontario - to the new one, which is being built away from the lake. The facility will isolate waste from the environment via a multilayered baseliner and cover system.

The contamination is a byproduct from the refinement of radium and uranium decades ago when environmental regulations and practices were less stringent. Today, there are many stakeholders invested in the Port Hope Area Initiative’s success. A 2001 legal agreement between the Government of Canada, the Municipality of Port Hope and the Municipality of Clarington launched the initiative, and the public is being engaged in the initiative every step of the way.

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