As the largest highway investment project in Ontario’s history, the Rt. Hon. Herb Gray Parkway provides a critical link between the two largest trading partners in the Western Hemisphere.

It connects to Canada’s busiest US border crossing between Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan. The parkway is an 11km limited-access highway through populous Southern Ontario, and includes 15 bridges, 11 tunnels, and more than 300 acres of green space for recreation and ecological restoration.

Wood engineers next-generation solutions and technologies today to optimise tomorrow’s transport infrastructure. Drawing on global expertise, we pushed the boundaries of ingenuity to deliver innovative geotechnical engineering and design, environmental compliance and monitoring, and ecological landscape design, fisheries compensation design and wetland compensation design.

"You guys have the most wonderful and amazing team! Please extend my sincere appreciation for all of their hard efforts, the call above and beyond, and exceeding my expectations of meeting a delivery date."

Linda Riley, Technical Services Manager, Parkway Infrastructure Constructors (PIC)

We performed the foundation design for all road and pedestrian bridges, tunnels, culverts, retaining walls, stormwater ponds, and other critical structures on the project. During construction, we leveraged robust, technical processes to streamline geotechnical instrumentation and settlement monitoring of all permanent structures.

Our environmental services included coordinating ecological restoration, species at risk mitigation measures, noise mitigation, and other related environmental mitigation input required for project compliance. A key environmental task was to complete targeted salvage of all species at risk plants and animals located within the project right of way.

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