Among our largest areas of business growth since 2012 is the mission-critical fuels systems work we are performing worldwide for US Department of Defense (DoD) agencies. Wood is frequently contracted by the Navy, Air Force, Army and Defense Logistics Agency for our expertise in fuel transmission pipelines, bulk receiving and storage facilities, truck/railcar loading/unloading stations, and aircraft fuel hydrant systems.

Operating around the world, Wood has assembled a team of industry veterans who manage this $120M+ DoD fuels programme. The team includes fuelling engineers, API-certified fuelling construction managers, licensed fire suppression engineers, fuel systems designers, schedulers, cost estimators and specialised project managers. Our team performs a comprehensive suite of fuels services, from facility assessments and system planning to sustainable design and value engineering to construction management and facility commissioning.

Our consistent delivery of smart, balanced solutions, powered by our ability to pair practical approaches with ingenuity, positioned Wood to be selected as the preferred contractor at Lajes Field. Lajes Field is a key international refuelling site and the US Air Force’s second largest fuel storage facility, located in Azores, Portugal. We repaired bulk fuel storage tanks of up to 10 million gallons in capacity and assured technical and regulatory compliance with multiple US and EU standards. We’ve been awarded similar work in Japan, Iceland and Turkey.