Wood provides support personnel to multiple industrial clients throughout Australia including Esso, Caltex, Melbourne Water, Beach Energy and Woodside. The training and competence of the support personnel needs to be tracked and monitored to ensure they have the appropriate knowledge and skills to perform the tasks they have been contracted to do, in a safe and competent fashion. Contracts are required to prove personnel are correctly qualified for specific tasks, and this information must be quickly and easily available on site as well as in the office.

Wood's OperatorSuite Learning Management System (LMS) was able to satisfy client, corporate, and regulatory requirements via its built-in features and various authentication methods, to streamline disparate support contracts together under one system. OperatorSuite is simple to set up, flexible, and can align with your project and/or company structure, making the application instantly familiar and usable. This robust and easy-to-manage LMS has evolved in response to industry input since 1996. OperatorSuite is used as both as a training and e-learning platform, as well as a competency management system.

OperatorSuite Benefits

  • All contracts now share a common framework for common competencies, while still maintaining their own frameworks for contract/client specific requirements.
  • Contracts administrators can now see workers from other contracts, allowing for better mobility, faster unmanning, and reduced training and administrative costs.
  • OperatorSuite has brought consistency to all of the projects and encourages best practice processes in the tracking and management of support personnel knowledge and skills.

For a demonstration of OperatorSuite LMS please contact: competency@woodplc.com