Going the extra mile for the last mile

Our fully integrated system tracks production from platform to pump.

The ‘last mile’ as it’s known concerns the final journey oil takes from the main receiving terminal, through the storage and distribution networks, to the petrol station and your car’s gas tank. It’s a long mile!

Mexico is one of the top consumers of refined hydrocarbons in the world. Average fuel sales per gas station are over 5 million litres per year. Mexico has great need for additional infrastructure and operational monitoring and automation.

The refinement, storage and sale of fuel is a complex and varied system with many different requirements and challenges. Wood has been working closely with companies such as Cisco, EY and IBM to develop a solution that allows operators and suppliers to automate, monitor and control their product across the whole inventory.

Our solution leverages monitoring and data capture technologies to create an internet of things (IoT) across the refined hydrocarbons midstream and last mile journey, connecting every component along the way so operators can track their product, maintain consistency, fast track it through the distribution network, increase safety and security, monitor for leaks, manage inventory, comply with regulatory and corporate reporting requirements, and optimise operational costs and sales.

We aim to offer a complete end-to-end integration of the supply chain by bringing together best in class IoT, cognitive intelligence, custom business solutions and industrial project delivery excellence. We will achieve this by calling on the proven excellence of top tier companies to complement Wood’s operational and engineering expertise, as the onsite and on-project face of our ecosystem.

The Last Mile is about tracking and ensuring the quality and security of supply from terminal to tank, follow the full journey here

Maximum security, minimum leakage

Across miles of pipework and hundreds of interfaces the potential for leaks is high. Our advanced monitoring systems (fibre-optics, sensors, algorithms, drones) integrate to form part of the IoT ecosystem, helping operators keep a close eye on supply lines and detect leaks before they become a major problem. Automated drones save time and reduce risk in the inspection process, so problems can quickly be identified and solved. Our advanced leak detection can differentiate between a corrosion leak or a more serious breach to help operators respond appropriately.

Efficient distribution – running on empty

Oddly enough, the best state for a petrol station is to be almost out of fuel. Having large amounts of product sit at the end point of the process is not the most efficient way to run the system. By connecting tankers and filling stations into the same ecosystem we can optimise delivery schedules.

Like many parts of the world, Mexico has a mixed distribution system, with products being shipped by road, rail and pipeline due to challenges with geography and infrastructure. Compared to pipelines, moving fuel by rail is up to 6 times more expensive and tanker trucks can be up to 14 times more expensive, so again an integrated system helps operators reduce distribution costs.

Clarity and control

Visualisation is a key component of the system, so users can see at a glance when the system is running smoothly and where there might be bottlenecks or leaks. Use of simulations and virtual models through our Advanced Technology Centre allows users to test new configurations, modifications and expansions or even completely new systems before committing investment.

Beyond the forecourt

The IoT ecosystem can extend right through the forecourt – tracking customers to determine their buying habits, managing delivery times to reduce disruption and feeding back into the distribution system to optimise future inventory levels.

Reputation management

This fully integrated system offers many benefits across the whole supply chain, improving visibility, consistency, quality, security and efficiency, and ultimately enhancing reputation and profitability. Through our long experience with operating assets and automating processes we know the value of integration, this fully integrated ecosystem across the whole supply chain has the potential to unlock massive value for operators along the last mile.

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