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Rapid advances in technology around the world are driving the need for more efficient and effective ways to design, build and operate assets across the energy and built environment sectors. In the design stage there is tremendous potential to unlock our performance and reduce costs for our clients. Collaborative technologies help us share and review solutions with a wider audience, refining our concepts and targeting design challenges before they reach the later stages of development.

At Wood, we use cloud-based design platform integrating infrastructure data, maintaining design standards using centralised information, allowing engineers to be more productive using automated elements.

Through automated and better-connected design our platform enables rapid identification of anomalies and assessment of changes for reliable, responsive results.

We are working to deliver cost effective solutions to our clients through the constant exploration of what is possible. Using our platform of integrated design tools, our range of services goes from the efficient development of fully engineered solutions for mature assets to creating a digital asset that is data driven and fit for the future, making intelligent operations a reality.

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