Automated design - pipeline

Data-driven engineering automation

Rapid advances in technology around the world are driving the need for more efficient and effective ways to design, build and operate assets across the energy and built environment sectors.

Developed with support from Wood’s Innovation Seed Fund, our automated design platform leverages data-driven engineering automation to create optimised subsea pipeline designs in considerably less time.

In addition to better and faster design, the platform also de-risks the pipeline design process by increasing the possibilities that we can qualify and assess, while enhancing the quality of data we can guarantee.

This technology takes the most time-intensive, low-value design tasks, and frees up our industry-leading experts to focus on optimisation, operational safety and value improvement.

Automated and better-connected design

Automated design ensures greater responsiveness and resiliency to future changes as well as the ability to digitally integrate assets; from design and build, to operations, optimisation, and decommissioning.

Wood is proud to be partnering with the biggest operators throughout the world to explore better ways to design pipelines in some of the harshest operating environments.

We thrive on exploring new ways to harness digital innovation, unlocking the power of data with our deep domain knowledge  to optimise cost, improve performance and deliver our clients ultimate objectives.

Wood empowers you to be future ready now.

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