Connected operate solutions

We are excited about how we can deploy new digital process technology solutions and enhance connected operations across the entire energy and built environment sectors.

Connected operations leverage our outstanding automation knowledge. Control systems allow us to operate remotely, gathering and processing data, not just across assets, but across entire infrastructures, connected facilities and networked ecosystems that can predict and respond, optimising

schedules through machine learning, monitoring equipment and materials to maximise operations and prevent failure.

Within the energy and built environment sectors, workers are often placed in high-risk, remote environments. With connected devices, these sites can be made safer, while increasing productivity.

Wood is proud to support our clients in reducing production costs, maintenance costs and delivering safe and optimised operations. Through our connected worker packaged solutions we blur the lines between field and office, to fully integrate operations and provide the front-line support when and where it is needed. The seamless capture and transfer of data ensures remote operations can be a reality for our clients.

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