Alan Fotheringham, development director at Wood Group Kenny, has been well travelled in his career to date; between countries and across Wood Group businesses.

Having spent ten years working in Wood Group PSN and Wood Group Mustang, he was with Wood Group Kenny in Perth, Australia, for three years before taking on his latest role back home in Aberdeen, UK. His focus is on competitiveness, collaboration and diversification, which are key enablers to Wood Group Kenny’s future direction and growth.

“There is an industry perception that Wood Group Kenny is a subsea engineering business; something we are tackling. We solve complex technological challenges across the energy and industrial sectors, and throughout the asset life cycle.

“Our growth is built on reaching new customers either by taking new services into existing regions in which we operate, or by taking existing services into new regions.

“My experience in different countries and parts of the Wood Group business means I can be mindful of organisational diversity and attuned to cultural awareness as we expand. While we diversify to grow the business, we still aim to maintain our differentiator of being technology-led.”

Alan forged a path in engineering because he was interested in design. He then wanted to move more into the business aspect, which his Wood Group manager at the time supported.

“Wood Group is an inspiring place to work and there is a real corporate culture of encouraging innovation in everyone; something that has helped me navigate my career path through Wood Group.

“What excites and motivates me in my current role is the sheer potential that lies within Wood Group Kenny as a business including the new growth that can be leveraged from the companies we have acquired. I want to ensure we fully realise that potential.”