Prior to the deal, we had a clear rationale for the merger; we also had ambitious objectives and a strategic vision for the new company. By combining both businesses we acquired broader capabilities and geographic reach, and as Amec Foster Wheeler, we have won work that we would not have seen as separate companies. Over the past months, we have built a strong culture, focused on vision, values, behaviours and our people, their development and aspirations. In addition, many of our clients see the combination as a positive move to ensure future success.

Our integration efforts have been recognised by our peers, the wider business community and the communications industry who have awarded us several plaudits during the year.

Amec Foster Wheeler has been on a remarkable journey over the last 12 months that has brought many achievements and some lessons learned along the way. We are now one year old but our heritage remains important, especially in these challenging times. Our rich history stretches back over 150 years and we have weathered storms like those we face today by being flexible and adapting to new conditions. As we continue our journey, the transformation we have experienced in this last year will carry forward into building our successful, sustainable future.