Two Wood Group employees have struck gold in prestigious awards celebrating excellence in management and leadership.

Fiona McKie, UK head of project management for Wood Group PSN (WGPSN), took home the Women in Management accolade at the Chartered Management Institute’s (CMI) Scottish awards ceremony. The win recognises Fiona’s excellent management skills in the development and delivery of new frameworks in the UK to ensure we meet project objectives within budget, on time and with the highest value add to our clients. These were created with a particular focus on people and assurance in line with our Core Values.

David Rae, business manager of strategic projects for WGPSN, secured the Chartered Manager award at the same ceremony for his successful management of significant contract start-ups across the Africa, Australia, Americas and Asia Pacific regions. The accolade reflects his achievement in managing and coordinating diverse multi-cultural teams towards safe, efficient, timely and cost effective business mobilisations and transitions. Dave Stewart, chief executive officer of WGPSN, says: “These award wins are a great achievement and strong testament to the inspiring leadership skills demonstrated by Fiona and David. Managing with integrity, innovation and motivation is a critical component of our success, and these awards present an opportunity to celebrate two of our employees who have showcased these abilities.”