Bridget Fitzpatrick, Wood Group Mustang’s practice lead for Human Machine Interface (HMI), Abnormal Condition Management and Human Factors, was honored recently with two awards from the Standards & Practices Department of the International Society of Automation.

Bridget received the awards for:

  • outstanding technical contributions and leadership in the development of ANSI/ISA-101.01-2015, Human Machine Interfaces for Process Automation Systems, and
  • outstanding contributions as working group chair in the development of ISA-TR18.2.6, Alarm Systems for Batch and Discrete Processes, and for pioneering work in development of the technical reports for the first standard on alarm management.

Bridget was editor for two clauses in the new ISA101 HMI standard and is a voting member on the committee.

ISA publishes 15 to 20 standards and technical reports annually that improve the safety, cybersecurity and efficiency of industrial processes. Each year the department’s governing body selects and presents department-level awards to recognize outstanding work and leadership that have resulted in these documents or in significant outcome for an ISA standards committee.

In addition to her work at Wood Group Mustang, Bridget serves as the ISA standards managing director for the ISA18 committee, having been a member of the ISA 18 committee for more than 15 years, since before the publication of the ISA 18.2 standard. She also sits on the ISA Standards and Practices board.

Bridget received a Standards and Practices department award in 2010 “in recognition for outstanding contributions as a technical editor in the development of ANSI/ISA-18.2-2009, Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries, and for pioneering work in developing the first ISA standard on alarm management.” She also received the ISA Members’ Choice Award for Standards Leader for her work in these areas.