Combining two great companies with different traditions, approaches and systems, presents the perfect opportunity to take the best bits and create something even more special – to remain at the forefront of delivering projects for our clients in a consistent and seamless manner, to the highest quality across all the 50 countries in which we operate.

When you set this against tough oil and gas market conditions, lower oil prices and clients who are looking for greater project efficiencies and savings throughout the whole supply chain, we have to be different. We have to be innovative. We have to better than the rest. And a big part of this is for us to ensure we have a standardised approach and systems across the business – including in our High Value Execution Centre, where it is vitally important we collaborate effectively – and we have to remain flexible to cater for customer-specific requirements.

So, how far have we got in dealing with these opportunities since we created our new operating model at the start of the year?

The first thing we’ve tackled is to put the right people into leadership roles to be more fleet-of-foot. This group of ‘go to’ people for project management, project control, engineering, supply chain, project systems and so on, will be working with our geographical business units as we go into implementation.

We are rationalising our policies and mandatory procedures. We are adopting the best elements of our two organisations and we have already started the process of embedding them company-wide.

Our people have responded with a high level engagement and are keen to make it happen in order to continue to deliver great projects, customer satisfaction, repeat-business and enhanced competitive advantage.

As we see and demonstrate the benefits of our connected excellence, there are exciting and rewarding times ahead.