Amec Foster Wheeler, in collaboration with technology partner DAI, is leading the application of Track & Trace technology across the oil and gas industry by using it on our Upstream Asset Solutions projects.

Track & Trace enables materials to be identified and tracked across the supply chain, from the initial receipt at the project warehouse to the various onshore, offshore or third party worksites.

On a recent project we were faced with the challenge of managing the flow of materials from onshore to offshore in line with the planned work packs and offshore resourcing for a major flotel campaign.

Track & Trace was deployed at the project’s onshore warehousing facility and offshore platform. Individual materials were barcoded and tagged, with handheld scanners being used any time someone moved, inspected or issued the materials.

Data from the handhelds relayed back to a central database giving an accurate, real-time view of the inventory status on and offshore. The onshore warehouse received job card ‘pick lists’, ensuring that availability could be seen ahead of time and that the correct materials were being sent to the platform.

During the five month flotel campaign, over 38,000 items in 258 containers were manifested, shipped and receipted offshore using Track & Trace.

We achieved 99.96% accuracy in materials being shipped and issued to engineers offshore. This equates to an estimated £750,000 cost saving through the removal of unnecessary procurement, associated logistics costs and offshore non-productive time relating to materials being unavailable. It is results like these that helped us win the EIC Supply Chain Excellence Award 2014.

At a time when the industry is being challenged to increase efficiency while reducing costs, Amec Foster Wheeler has an innovative, technology-driven solution that can address those challenges.