I’m sure many of you aren’t aware, as I’ve just been told myself, that Wednesday 13 May 2015 is National Receptionists Day.

Why do receptionists need such an event?

Most people are unaware of the full extent of a receptionist’s role, the skills possessed and the multi-tasking required to ensure a smooth running reception area.

I am currently working at the Corporate Headquarters near to St. Paul's Cathedral in London. I have worked in a number of corporate and project offices in the West End & City of London since joining AMEC in 1992 following the change of name from Matthew Hall. In those days, it was a male dominated industry and has changed immensely over the years.

The recent combination and forming of a new company, Amec Foster Wheeler, has brought the biggest change that I have seen. The reception/switchboard teams have new challenges, more information to absorb through communications, enabling us to assist with all enquiries.

The first impression in everything we do counts, especially when reception is the first point of contact. Welcoming visitors politely, in a calm, friendly and professional manner, ensures that we promote the company in a positive way. We also ensure that visitors are certain that we care for their welfare, through our health, safety, security and environment procedures.

I enjoy my role of meeting and greeting visitors and clients and escorting visitors to meeting rooms. I feel that to be approachable, have a sense of humour, to be discreet when necessary and have patience are all important to handling the reception role.

In the Corporate office, we have strong branding in the reception area. Publicity photographs and videos are filmed here and unexpected requests to be involved are occasionally made, so we have to be ready for every possibility.

To finish on a message. Everyone in an organisation has a part to play. Receptionists included.