A groundbreaking hydroelectric project in Malawi will mean a village medical practice can operate after daylight hours for the first time.

SgurrEnergy, a Wood Group company, received Scottish Government funding to design and implement the renewable energy scheme to the off-grid community of Mulanje to provide a reliable source of power.

The lives of more than 1,000 villagers will be transformed by the three year project. The medical clinic will be able to use refrigerators and sterilisers and administer medical care after sunset.

Fuel consumption from costly diesel generators will be reduced, and it will also benefit the local industry and schools. The area of Mulanje was devastated by floods in January 2015, destroying houses, livestock and crops.

SgurrEnergy will manage the design and installation of a 100KW hydroelectric scheme, as well as a community education programme to provide skills for the operation and maintenance of the technology.

The team will also conduct tree planting as a watershed management programme, as well as providing health clinic equipment to make best use of the new power supply.

The project is working in tandem with partners in Malawi - Mulanje Electricity Generation Authority (MEGA), Practical Action and Mulanje Renewable Energy Agency (MuREA). For further information please visit  www.sgurrenergy.com/contact-us and get in touch.