Meet Isaac, an eight-year-old boy who lives in Okaseni village on the outskirts of Moshi in Tanzania. He has three older sisters – Veronica, 26, Grace, 24, and Benedicter – 22, but their mother has sadly passed away.

Isaac’s father, Antony, lives nearby, but his house has only one room that he uses for sleeping, cooking, storage and keeping chickens. He cannot find work and has a daily struggle to afford food and Isaac’s school fees. Antony sleeps on a wooden board and uses old clothes to create a mattress.

So Isaac lives with his elderly aunt and visits his father regularly, but cannot stay with him because of his father's living conditions. His sisters live in different parts of the country because in Tanzanian culture, they can’t live in the same room as a man without their mother there.

To help Isaac be united with his father and sisters, we are building a new home for him and his family. To do this, we need your help!

The initiative is being led by employees taking part in the Association for Project Management’s annual competition, which invites teams from various companies to plan and produce a project from start to finish. The 2015 challenge scope is "innovation while raising money for charity". Our Wood Group team members chose to raise funds for Vine Trust, the international volunteering charity we have pledged to support for five years.

"We were given the opportunity to get involved with the APM challenge through the developing talent forum and project management function," explains Andrew Wallace, IT and communications manager. "We're all from project management or project controls, so this gave us a chance to practice what we do every day in a new and innovative way, while raising money for a good cause."

Help Us Build a Home for Isaac

We have a shopping list of items needed to build a real house for Isaac and his family — such as bricks, wood, and cement - and prices for them. Based on the list, we are asking for your help to buy items for the house. You can buy a brick, a door or furnishings, and then sit back and watch here as the house comes together virtually. We’re asking you to dig deep and be a part of the house that Wood Group built. In April 2015, a team of  Vine Trust volunteers will travel to Tanzania to construct the house for Isaac’s family.

How to get involved

  1. Review the list of items needed.
  2. Choose what you would like to buy for Isaac’s home.
  3. Click the link to pay via PayPal, an easy and secure way to pay for items online.

View the shopping list

Donate now via PayPal

Wood Group’s Support for Vine Trust

Wood Group has pledged a five-year fund-raising commitment to raise funds for Vine Trust. Watch this video to see what we achieved in our first year.

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