Before joining Wood Group Mustang over a year ago, Cristina Paolicchi was an officer in the US Navy.

"After spending more than 11 years in service to the military, I made the choice to transition to a career that would challenge me in new and interesting ways. When I was given the opportunity to join Wood Group Mustang, I felt scared but excited; which is precisely what I think a person should feel when embarking on a new adventure."

Throughout her journey down a new career path Cristina learned and wants to share that, “fear is not to be feared”.

"Feeling discomfort in what you do is natural, and is generally an indication that you are challenging yourself. In my opinion, this is a lesson which holds many women back from achieving personal and/or career goals. Men are taught from an early age to challenge, while women are taught to accept what is handed to them. Stand up, be firm, make yourself heard (respectfully) and you will achieve great things." Inspiring her from a young age were her parents and her uncle. She had one goal and that was to be successful. Her advice to other women: "Be humble and trust yourself. Ultimately be persistent in what you know to be right and true".