Fiona McKie’s career has been fruitful and she certainly didn’t expect to end up as our head of project management in the UK.

Fiona has worked for Wood Group for 10 years, but prior to joining Wood Group PSN, she worked for BP for 14 years. "I started my career as an instrument apprentice in BP Grangemouth, becoming an instrument engineer with my MSc soon after," she said. "I took voluntary redundancy from BP and just shortly after, Wood Group opened an office in Glasgow. I was fortunate to join a small team of 20 as a project engineer in 2005, assigned to deliver subsea tie-back projects in the North Sea.

"Over the years I became delivery manager and then transformation business improvement manager. After seven years, it was time for a change so I joined the global technical assurance team as head of discipline for project management before moving into the UK head of project management role. I am thoroughly relishing the challenge of working across our diverse UK business."

Fiona's career path has shown that sometimes a five-year plan doesn’t work out! She said: "I wanted to be a paediatrician, until my dad convinced me that engineering would be a far more interesting path to follow. He was right! Women should never feel that gender is something that will hold you back or feel you need to compensate for. You can achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

"Women in this industry need to give everything 110%. Everyone should be flexible in their career path and commit to whatever role they are in, even if it wasn’t the one that was on your five-year development plan!

"I was the only female apprentice as part of my intake at Grangemouth. The first three girls had started just the year before me, so the experience of being the first females on an operational site was a life-forming one. Don’t be afraid to challenge the norm! "Not to sound cliché, but my mum inspired me to be who I am today. It was her unending support that helped me to strive to be the best I can possibly be in my chosen profession. She gave me the courage to be the only female in my training year and to not ever give up."