Sonia Cardona's dedication to learning shines through as she recalls her steps up the career ladder in Wood Group Mustang's Bogota office. Sonia started with Wood Group 14 years ago and during her time has served as project services manager, workshare director, engineering manager, project manager, discipline lead, and a civil/structural engineer before taking on the general manager role.

"I became general manager last October when Wood Group Mustang executive vice-president John Dalton asked me if I would accept," she says. "Even though it took me by surprise, I knew I could be a good general manager. I know Wood Group Mustang well due to my previous roles and because I worked closely with previous general managers. I had so many ideas about improving our organisation that I was very lucky not to have to keep them in the drawers."

Sonia states that dedication and hard work have helped her on the journey to this role: "Never forget the duties given by your leaders, don't have escalating positions as a goal, and concentrate on doing your job really well." Also, Sonia tells us the relationships you build with coworkers at work are important. Inspired by previous leaders and all the good people she has worked with over the years, Sonia is always looking to learn more. "Being nosy has given me excellent results; I always try to know more than I am supposed to. Women and men are certainly different, but speaking about abilities, capabilities to work and leadership we are all different as human beings regardless of gender."