Meet Vikki Pink, Wood Group PSN’s regional people & organisation director, based in Melbourne, Australia.

Vikki's journey to this role has been diverse, challenging and rewarding, but her broad career background has really set her up for this industry.

"Alongside being a mum, my best job by far, my very early years as a teacher taught me invaluable lessons about how to manage people and get the best out of them. A purposeful decision many years ago to move out of the education system and into human resources required every bit of tenacity I had, to convince others that the skills inherent to good education were also inherent to running a business. Subsequently, I have actively planned and pursued opportunities related to people & organisation with a more recent focus on resources, including mining, agribusiness and oil & gas.

"I appreciate the speed, focus and need to respond to a changing market that the commercial world provides and the need for pragmatic solutions that contribute to long-term sustainability. Of the businesses I have worked with, Wood Group PSN is the most strongly grounded in values. I can honestly say that working in this business is a privilege."

Vikki has always had an adventurous spirit and this is highlighted in her approach to her career, but it is tempered by her family values. “When I was younger I really wanted to be a ballerina – seriously,” she says, “but I have always understood that to have a great career you must work ‘hard’ and work ‘smart’ to achieve what you want. Sometimes career opportunities will fall your way, but usually they require a solid dose of planning, hard work and tenacity if you have some serious goals to achieve. Remember that your family are always your priority. They shape who you are and keep you grounded. "Fortunately, over the first 20 years of my working life, I worked with four strong women who were outstanding leadership role models. Each of them worked hard, enjoyed life, valued people above all and approached their roles with grace, strength, resilience and kindness. I will never forget each of those women and it has taught me how important it is that we act as role models for the young women who are growing through our business."