Presented by Oil & Gas UK and the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), the award celebrates a talented supply chain professional whose skills in procurement, logistics and contract management are contributing to the efficiency improvements required to restore competitiveness to the UK continental shelf.

Supply Chain

Andrew Sorrie, supply chain lead, secured the title at the Oil & Gas UK ‘‘Cultural Change and Greater Collaboration’ seminar, which took place at the Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference centre on Tuesday 18th May.

Andrew says: “I was extremely honoured to be nominated for this award; to win it is a great achievement which recognises my efforts but also the fantastic support of the team I work with.

“The supply chain provides the crucial link between suppliers and the business and we have demonstrated that by working collaboratively we can spark new ideas that challenge the status quo and lead to enhanced value and improvements across the business.”

Some of the initiatives driven by Andrew and his team include:

Spend it like your own & treat it like your own:

£8m of savings were delivered to Wood Group clients through this initiative, which implemented best practice for the contract of hire plant and equipment. Andrew and the team established league tables across assets that allowed the team to significantly reduce the cost of high value hired equipment. Following on from the success we are now implementing the initiative across the business.

Supply and fabricate initiative:

The team challenged the current supply and fabrication process and delivered 29% cost saving and 66% schedule improvements for fabrication scopes by changing the lead time without effecting quality. This initiative is now being rolled out through the wider business, to deliver substantial savings to our clients across fabrication, pipe and associated fittings. David Millar, innovation manager at Wood Group who nominated Andrew for the award, adds: “As a service company we are relentlessly focused on excellence in the services we provide to our clients and recognise the key role supply chain plays in achieving this. This award demonstrates the commitment of Andrew and his team who are focused on maximising efficiency and effectiveness in all that they deliver.”