Amec Foster Wheeler announces today that it has been awarded a contract by the ITER organisation to lead a consortium to examine the best way to decommission the world’s largest nuclear fusion experiment.

The work, which will take about 12 months, involves a concept-level study of the duration, sequencing and cost for dismantling the ITER machine, once it comes to the end of its life in 2042, within a context of recently updated French nuclear regulatory requirements.

Amec Foster Wheeler, with EAI Ingénierie and NUKEM Technologies Engineering Services, will apply their international nuclear decommissioning experience to the design of the facility, now under construction by the multinational ITER Organisation at Cadarache in the South of France.

The ITER Organisation has also awarded Amec Foster Wheeler two additional new stand-alone contracts:

  • to prepare a design work plan and data for a programme of contamination control and decontamination;
  • to carry out conceptual design and engineering for a specialised, remotely operated cutting and packaging system to reduce the volume of waste.

Also, under an existing framework contract, the ITER Organisation has appointed Amec Foster Wheeler to design a remotely operated rail and trolley system for maintenance and inspection of the cryostat, a part of the ITER machine that will contain key components including the vacuum vessel and tokamak.

In addition to the above, Fusion For Energy, which manages Europe's contribution to ITER, has appointed Amec Foster Wheeler to a new single source multi-year framework contract to provide technical specifications, contract follow-up and acceptance work on nuclear safety electronic controls and instrumentation systems.

These contract wins underline our leading expertise in conceptual design, engineering, technical specifications, remote handling and planning for decommissioning. They take us further towards our aspiration to play a major role in developing future nuclear technologies while continuing to support the existing nuclear fission power industry.
Greg Willetts, Vice President for Consultancy, Amec Foster Wheeler's Clean Energy business