Amec Foster Wheeler announces today that its innovative proprietary technology is being used in a research and development programme at Fukushima, in Japan, to make radioactive waste safer.

The work, carried out in partnership with Fuji Electric on behalf of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, will centre on the SIAL® matrix, a specialised geopolymer technique for encapsulating various radioactive waste streams. The value of the contract is undisclosed.

The research will test whether SIAL® can be used to solidify sludge arising from the damage at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant caused by the earthquake and resulting tsunami in March 2011.

We believe that SIAL® can make a significant contribution to the restoration of Fukushima. Together with our partners Fuji Electric, we appreciate the support shown by the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for the important work we are carrying out.
Andy White, Vice President for Decommissioning in Amec Foster Wheeler’s Clean Energy Europe business
SIAL® has already been used successfully in commercial power stations in Europe. Fuji believes it has great potential and wishes to spread this technology in Japan together with Amec Foster Wheeler.
Hiroshi Ozaki, General Manager of the Nuclear Power Engineering Department of Fuji Electric