In our everyday life, we are inundated with information about the importance of security, both in the physical and digital world. We read about it, see it, hear it and even participate in it. The media regularly emphasises the cybersecurity risk to personal data, networks and applications used by us personally and businesses globally. The increasing threat against cybersecurity in the business world is disconcerting for us all. We must all remain educated, vigilant and persistent to mitigate this risk in today’s digital environment.

Recently, over a period of 60 days, we recorded over 75,000 verified attempts to find a weakness in our Internet security systems and 14,000 followed through with attempts to break into our network, which were blocked by our defenses. There were more than 15,000 attempted malware attacks on our PC environment, some of which were successful and required Global IT staff to immediately nullify any potential impact. The key take away from this experience - don’t assume you can stop everything, but be prepared for anything.

Amec Foster Wheeler’s goal in Global IT Security is to minimise risk and maximise security. To do this, we use a large number of media channels to stay abreast of possible security threats. Our team keeps up-to-date on recently discovered threats through a number of channels and also receives daily security intelligence concerning newly-exposed vulnerabilities from computer emergency response teams around the world.

We aim to minimise the risk to our company as transparently as possible. We keep our people regularly informed, send alerts and emails concerning IT security and request their assistance when necessary. By using multiple methods, our team fends off cybersecurity threats against Amec Foster Wheeler.