More than 175 volunteers from our offices in Aberdeen rolled up their sleeves this week in a campaign to help transform Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital (RACH)’s main garden area, as part of the ARCHIE High 10 appeal, which aims to make the hospital a world-class facility.


The volunteers, along with the assistance of the Beechgrove Garden team from the UK television show, helped place a pair of giant giraffes and three elephants into the outdoor space at the entrance which will serve as the centrepiece to the new hospital gardens.

The animals bring a touch of wonder and excitement to the garden for the sick children and families from all across the north-east to enjoy in this relaxing area during their visits to the hospital.

As well as donating their time and effort to plant new gardens, Wood Group employees in Aberdeen have gone above and beyond in their fundraising efforts for The ARCHIE Foundation’s High 10 campaign, resulting in a grand total of more than £270,000.  The initial pledge was to raise £200,000 to support two of the campaign’s steps, the renovation of the reception area of the hospital, and the garden and play areas at its front and rear.

Tony Dinozzi, group head of mergers and acquisitions at Wood Group who has been spearheading the campaign, said: “What we have achieved over the last two and a half years has been absolutely amazing.  It’s been incredible to see the plans for the ARCHIE garden materialise - the final garden product is unbelievable!  In the last six weeks we’ve had around 250 colleagues working on the garden, of whom 175 passed through the fence this week alone.  We have planted over 1000 plants and moved over 32 tonnes of stones and pebbles. Volunteers have worked 1100 hours in the garden, including 600 hours this week alone.

“But that is only a small part of the story. Our people have really got behind this fantastic project.  Despite the downturn in the oil and gas sector this year, they have committed their time and effort to supporting this worthy cause, underlying our dedication to helping people in the areas we work in.  Over 100,000 children, along with their families, go through the hospital every year.  That’s why this project is so important.”

David Tipping, director of projects at the ARCHIE Foundation said, moving the sculptures into place at the hospital was a dream come true.  “Everyone absolutely loves the elephants and giraffes.  It’s a completely amazing project and it will really benefit the families and children visiting the hospital, and for that, we’ve got to thank the volunteers.”