Now more than ever, companies are seeking ways to reduce inefficiency and ensure activities focus on adding maximum value. Wood Group is ticking both these boxes for customers with its computerised maintenance management systems (CMMS) service lines.

Data health

CMMS Maintenance Data Healthcare projects and support services, offer customers a range of benefits including significant cost savings, increased asset reliability and reduced maintenance backlog. This is achieved through a flexible and project-orientated approach, with minimal burden on existing operator personnel.

Andy Maitland, global maintenance manager, and Kenny Hay, UK maintenance manager, recently presented at the Oil & Gas UK share fair spotlight event to talk about how a structured approach to maintenance and integrity data healthcare is an important part of maximising economic recovery and how Wood Group does it differently.

Kenny said: “CMMS data is a static representation of a dynamic and changing world. What we’ve found is that common approaches to the management of this change have limited success, which erodes the quality and usefulness of the systems. Wood Group has developed a structured and layered strategy for maintaining the data within our client’s maintenance systems, ensuring their investment is returned via planning efficiencies, increased tool time and plant reliability.”

Andy added: “What makes our service unique is we can complete the scope on an average North Sea asset within a competitively short time period, with investment in some instances paying back in less than three months. Maintenance data healthcare is an inexpensive approach to realising double digit annualised maintenance savings. Furthermore high quality data ensures that the foundations are in place for efficient maintenance preparation, planning and execution.”