Rahul Gupta, technical authority (automation and control) at Wood Group Mustang in Kuala Lumpur, discusses the risks posed by cyber events in an article published by Asian Oil & Gas.

Rahul says: "With the ever-changing risks posed by cyber events of any nature, it has become critical to recognize these emerging threats and identify the consequences they may have on the operation of industrial control systems (ICS). Cyber attacks have the ability to take on many forms and threaten not only industrial but also national security.

"The industry perception that cyber risks are low is not just misguided, but highly dangerous. The oil and gas sector is one of the most targeted by cyber attacks, mainly because the impact a single cyber attack could have on an oil and gas installation is significantly higher than against other sectors.

"Controlling the threat by reducing the likelihood of occurrence can be achieved by patching vulnerabilities and strengthening security mechanisms. Response mechanisms must be resilient, robust, and able to ensure business continuity and reduce the impact of downtime. These methods require the use of preventative and reactive security tools as well as deployment of proactive countermeasures."

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