The Wood Group standard SAGD well pad design was developed in response to growing concerns in the thermal heavy oil industry about escalating costs for in situ facilities, especially SAGD well pads. Increasing costs for the design, fabrication and construction of these facilities is forcing owners to seek innovative methods for becoming more competitive and the Wood Group standard SAGD well pad design is our response to that challenge.

Ongoing engineering costs and schedules are significantly reduced using templating and an efficient replication process.  Engineering deliverables require no modification for fabrication and only minor site-specific inputs for issued-for-construction packages. Fabrication takes on a lean manufacturing model due to the standard design, where efficiency and quality are highest.

Our design is based on disciplined execution, which provides the following advantages:

  • a proven, low-cost, fit-for-purpose SAGD well pad design that meets or exceeds industry standards;
  • avoids over design and optional requirement that add cost and complexity;
  • a proven mechanism that allows for low-cost template replication of the design, reducing engineering work hours and significantly reducing schedule; and
  • a commercial model that shares risk and reward, and drives costs down on subsequent pads.

The elimination of much of the owner’s costs associated with engineering, procurement and project management offers significant savings.  Allowing us to manage these activities, in particular the interfaces with third parties, significantly reduces the risk of change and cost escalation.

Our design accommodates pad sizes up to 12 well pairs.  The design uses a drilling pattern whereby wells are drilled at 10 meter spacing with the production wells and steam injection wells in two parallel rows. Electric submersible pumps provide the mechanical lift for the production wells.

Wood Group offers clients a turnkey pre-commissioned well pad using our standard SAGD well pad design and execution.

Watch a short video about Wood Group standard SAGD well pad design here.