Our improved annulus testing capability is enhancing integrity.

Corrosion is a major hazard to flexible risers and ensuring the integrity of the flexible riser external sheath is important to mitigate underlying issues. A recent joint industry project concluded that sheath damage, annulus flooding, and corrosion failures accounted for around 45% of all industry damage and failure experience to date.

Riser annulus testing is a proven method which has saved operators millions of dollars over the years through the prioritisation of external inspection efforts and in the early identification of riser flooding.

Wood Group has developed riser annulus testing equipment and techniques to provide advanced capability and an innovative and cost effective approach for customers. The equipment is capable of both vacuum and positive pressure testing techniques and it is highly portable and can be deployed quickly by our experts via helicopter. We have previously mobilised within 24 hours to investigate urgent riser integrity issues.

Our riser testing equipment is versatile and can interface with existing platform systems or operate stand-alone and has a proven accuracy within a tolerance of 0.3% of a known volume in equipment trials.

We can alter testing techniques dependent on riser annulus behaviour to ensure the most accurate testing results are achieved. This has enabled Wood Group to achieve successful testing campaigns across the world, including several tests of risers where this had not previously been possible.

With riser integrity engineers on site, we provide efficient analysis and identify issues quickly. Wood Group is accredited as an ISO 17020 Category C inspection body; the only provider in the UKCS to be specifically accredited to this standard.

This enhanced offering means that customers can take a proactive approach for the ongoing health of their risers, supporting safety and maximising production. Need your risers testing? Get in touch: raymond.duffy@woodplc.com

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