The recent World Economic Forum, Global Risk Reports have identified climate hazards as one of the ‘…most impactful risks for years to come…and extreme events as the most likely of risks…’, the World Bank has stated that climate resilience must be ‘…integrated into multi-sector and systems-wide frameworks for infrastructure…’ and businesses and investors are increasingly recognising climate change as one of the top global risks to assets, commerce and investments.

The importance of climate resilience strategies and actions for all aspects of society, businesses and government cannot be overstated; from flood defences and resilient cities, through to renewable energy, carbon capture and storage and on to major infrastructure, transport, engineering, integrated water management and beyond, climate resilience is an essential and integral part of our work all around the world.

Amec Foster Wheeler provides a distinct and high-quality, international Climate Resilience Service for our partners and clients across all sectors in all geographic regions, and we have been working to ensure our services are even more robust, cohesive and client-focused to build on the excellent work that has been conducted to date. Our Climate Resilience Service is growing and developing in stature and strength in every market, reducing risks and enhancing financial, social, environmental and operational performance for all stakeholders.

Some examples of our projects include:

  • Addressing flood events and impacts of climate change in the Caribbean
  • Climate focused environmental impact assessments for housing developments, transport networks and major infrastructure in UK/Europe
  • Working with the City of Paris to address the need for more green spaces in the flood expansion zones of the River Seine
  • Developing a performance-based design framework to evaluate the rate of return on investment in resilience engineering
  • Analysing storm data and updating hydrology for USA water resource projects
  • Conducting studies on large-scale hydrogen decarbonisation; addressing climate resilience needs for health services
  • Working as a Platform Partner with the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities initiative around the world.

We are committed to ensuring that the future of our global communities, our cities, economies, businesses and environments are climate resilient and sustainable, and we are strongly supporting Earth Day 2017’s Environmental and Climate Literacy campaign by promoting resilient engineering and climate resilience, inspiring young people through partnerships and events. Working with schools, colleges and groups, and people from around the company we are developing and delivering activities that highlight STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in engaging and positive ways to enhance awareness, education and our collective future in every way possible.