As we publish our latest sustainability report – our 16th since we began reporting on our sustainability performance, we look back at the last year – both internally to our own performance as a business, and externally to an extraordinary period in time when the challenges we face across the world were recognised and targets set and agreed by world leaders to tackle those issues by the year 2030, in the form of the Sustainable Development Goals.

With less than 5000 days to go until 2030, 193 World Leaders have committed to meeting 17 goals, and the 169 targets that make up these goals. Achieving them would create a world that is comprehensively sustainable, socially fair, environmentally secure, economically prosperous, and inclusive. These will only be achieved if governments, the business, civil society organisations, innovators and people work together in partnership. Our 2016 sustainability report responds to the challenges set out within the sustainable development goals with key focus where we as a business can contribute the most in progressing towards these targets.

In 2016;

  • We published our first >modern slavery and human trafficking statement. We are the first FTSE company to include a non-financial KPI against actions in relation to modern slavery, setting out our commitment to preventing these issues in our business and supply chain
  • Our employees volunteered 22,240 hours in our communities, largely in support of education and young people attributable to our active STEM programmes
  • 99% of our employees completed training in Anti-bribery and corruption and our Code of Business Conduct
  • 92% of our employees had a conversation about their performance and development
  • We launched our >Climate Resilience Integrated Framework for Action

All of these touch on actions associated with the global goals for decent work and economic growth, sustainable cities and communities, quality education and climate action. They form a key part of how we manage our business in a responsible manner, but also indicate how management of the risks associated with the goals can also be opportunities for business. We understand the business case is strong – it opens up new opportunities and efficiency gains, it drives innovation and enhances reputation. The services we provide for our customers and the manner in which we deliver them means we can be part of something bigger and contribute to solving global issues.

The world is looking for individual moments of action – bit by bit every one of us can contribute. The world has a plan – let’s ensure we are all part of it.