Real-time site to office collaboration. This is the revolution that our eXpert system offers.

We have combined cutting edge technologies to deliver a practical, portable solution that allows you to connect office based expertise with site issues to discuss and solve problems in real time.

Remote sites present one of the greatest logistical challenges in our industry. Getting access to the worksite to identify and support problems is difficult when many sites are far away, the issue is compounded when the facility is offshore and you have to contend with restricted space and changing travel windows.

Communicating accurately between the office and the worksite is a crucial part of any job and access to the site is often necessary for experts to identify issues, diagnose problems and develop solutions.

Many jobs require several different experts, teams of specialists and decision makers to reach a conclusion. Getting these experts to the site can involve special permits, training, inductions, extended travel, accommodation, scheduling and escort arrangements.

Our eXpert solution is a set of collaboration tools in a portable case that can be sent to any site so operatives there can establish real time links to office based experts and discuss site problems. The hardware is specially developed to work in hazardous zones and satellite technology allows you to connect from anywhere in the world, on or off grid. We have developed the tools and software to be completely intuitive and offer round the clock support for setting up and troubleshooting the connection.

Advanced devices connected through the latest software allow not only audio and visual feeds but live mark up and connectivity with other monitoring devices. You can draw on screen to highlight areas, direct the site operative to capture the imagery you need and connect multiple users through a dedicated hub. Experts and decision makers don’t even need to gather in the same room to collaborate; you can connect individuals by phone, laptop or meeting facility to interface with the work site.

The benefit goes far beyond saving on travel and downtime though. By opening up the collaborative possibilities we are able to connect more experts to the problem, giving you direct access to a much larger pool of expertise.

A customer’s technical authority who used eXpert recently to collaborate real time with site had this to say: “eXpert provided us with real time enhanced decision making capabilities to fix a leak at one of our sites. Using eXpert we connected live to a colleague at site and were able to identify and document the root cause without having to leave the office. The speed at which we were able to help solve this has never been available to us before. This solution will enable technical authorities to provide fast real time support not only in critical instances, but for routine situations as well.”

There are many improvement initiatives underway around our business. eXpert is part of a suite of tools and software under development to streamline workflow and increase efficiency. This piece has been developed by Innovation 4 Growth, a team who help identify and develop new ideas to improve our business by using innovative technologies and new concepts to bring about radical change.

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