Thirteen Wood employees working in the US Permian shale basin were recently recognized in front of a 200-strong group of team mates by Wood’s chief executive, Robin Watson and Asset Solutions Americas CEO, Andrew Stewart.

Robin and Andrew paid a visit to the booming West Texas region to meet with a group of Wood’s shale facilities personnel working in the basin and pay homage to their commitment to safety and continued demonstration of execution excellence.

Hosting a Texas style barbeque for the troops at Wood’s Seminole facility, 70 miles from the city of Midland, the teams gathered to hear from Wood’s leaders and celebrate those who are raising the safety shield on their projects.

“Meeting with our front-line teams is always such a rewarding experience,” said Robin Watson, chief executive of Wood. “This region is experiencing significant developments with Wood’s 2018 growth both in terms of jobs and revenue outpacing the basins’ production growth.

“All eyes are on the Permian - what is happening here is of significant economic and scientific importance and Wood is very much a part of that. We have incredible teams designing, building, operating and maintaining many shale facilities and pipeline projects in the region. I was proud to meet with them and hear more about our projects, the challenges and the opportunities.”

Adding to this, Andrew Stewart said:

“We see the basin as a long-term home. We’re primarily recognized for designing and building for our customers, but we also operate, maintain and plan to deploy Wood’s full capability to the Permian, with power projects providing another opportunity to expand. Having the opportunity to spend time with our people in the field tells me so much about where we are in our business, it’s a real pulse check. The sacrifice many make to work in harsh and remote conditions, and the commitment to delivery is awe inspiring. This is a highly skilled group who care for each other and respect the region. This visit enabled us to show them the same respect.”

About the Permian

The Permian Basin is quickly approaching 100 years of oil and gas supply.  The region, named after the geologically rich time periods that developed mineral rich land, is approximately 250 miles wide and 300 miles long, stretching from West Texas to the adjoining area of southeastern New Mexico. Oil output is currently averaging 3.85 million barrels per day (BPD); experts predict that the number will grow by 1 million BPD and reach 8 million BPD by 2025.  The Permian is also producing 30% of the US natural gas liquids and 11% of the US natural gas.  Due to new drilling techniques and additional pipelines, both are predicted to grow over 110% in the next five years.

The concentration of Wood’s shale projects, particularly in the Permian are capital projects: pipeline design & construction, shale facilities, and operations services: surveys, environmental & permitting services, operations and maintenance.

There are approximately 2,000 Wood personnel currently working in the basin with the team set to grow. Wood is positioning to bring power expertise in the basin, both for conventional and renewable generation, and expand our water capabilities. Power is one of the biggest concerns in West Texas right now and we are well experienced in solar and wind construction projects.

This is an industry built on trust and consistent performance, and Wood believes that through our integrated service offering and capabilities, we can not only help our clients more effectively bring their projects to market on time but help ensure that those projects provide long-term value.