For me, innovation has a number of facets. There are the small improvements we make every day, evolving our processes and making our operations more efficient; the technologies we apply to change discrete areas of our business for the better. Then there are the major innovations, disruptive moves that bring about a step change in performance.

Our ingenuity goes beyond cutting edge technologies and complex software. It is rooted in the thoughtful, progressive attitudes of our people, and a drive to improve, find better methods and generate greater value for our customers. It’s a part of our culture I am extremely proud of.

A lot of our operations are incredibly complicated, sometimes with millions of moving parts. Our success lies in ensuring the solutions are no more complex than they need to be, helping customers understand their problems in the simplest terms and devising answers that are elegant in their simplicity.

The integration we are going through to create Wood really is a major innovation, and the step change is occurring on a number of fronts.
Robin Watson, chief executive, Wood

Firstly, it moves our strategy a giant leap forward, executing a vision we originally mapped across a five to ten-year horizon in just six months. We would have been positioning for a new stage of growth, now we have more than doubled the size of our business.

Secondly, we aimed to move into new markets to create greater stability and security as a platform to support our employees and our customers. That balance has already shifted to a much broader spread of markets and sectors, with the opportunity to develop these further in future.

I see this new mix of capabilities as a catalyst, accelerating our potential and creating a fertile platform for new ideas with a far greater range of technical ability, specialist viewpoints and industry perspectives to draw from. I have never been more excited about the future of our business.

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