Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), or ‘mobots’, are revolutionising the way facilities operate and Wood is leading the way with enabling technology.

An AGV is a portable robot that navigates either by following markers or wires in the floor, or by using vision, magnets, or lasers. Their most common use in industry is to move materials around a manufacturing facility or warehouse. AGVs are most useful in applications which require repetitive movement of materials, when material requires to be tracked and when on-time delivery is crucial.

Automated Technology Group (ATG), part of Wood’s Automation & Control service line, has recently secured an order with Chinese mobot manufacturer Siasun at Jaguar Land Rover’s (JLR) Halewood facility near Liverpool in the UK.

Siasun selected ATG due to our expertise in robotics, AGV systems and JLR’s manufacturing facilities. We will be facilitating 22 mobile robots into the production line at Halewood. The delivery process for the battery pack, for the new PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), will be achieved utilising a variation of Siasun’s Transfer AGV. The AGV’s latest wireless and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, combined with ATG’s capabilities, are harnessed to integrate the AGV “Traffic Controller” and safety systems into the main line facilities. Bespoke software and hardware have been created in collaboration with Siasun to enable the AGVs to work harmoniously in their new environment.
Technical director at ATG, Ian Farmer
Wood is helping customers throughout the world to optimise performance by designing facilities which run more autonomously. Our capabilities for these systems range from onboard function and positioning control systems, through to strategic management systems. Our scope of supply typically varies from one customer to another, but has included all activities including concept, feasibility and simulation, design, build, installation, commissioning and optimisation. Our expertise lies in supporting AGV manufacturers to implement their products using the best technology to suit specific applications. Numerous systems have been implemented within different industry sectors, for various applications including operator work stations, automated assembly, vehicle and trailer loading, product delivery and collection, and part picking. Previous and current customers, and end users range from food and beverage manufacturers to automotive suppliers.
Andrew Robinson, vice president Automation & Control

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