Larry CutburthName: Larry Cutburth

Job title: Project manager

Location: Houston, Texas

Joined in: 1996

Tell us about your career journey to date:

I have spent the last 42 years designing and building offshore platforms, deep-water floating production facilities, onshore field production centers, subsea pipelines, LNG developments and marine fabrication facilities all around the world, from Europe, Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico to the Middle East, Asia and West Africa.

Why did you pick this career?

The last cattle drive in the USA was in 1958 so there went my dream of becoming a Buckaroo...

What key skills do you bring to the role?

My years of experience in the field as well as interfacing with a diverse customer mix has enabled me to quickly understand a customer’s real desires with a particular development. It’s a skill to be able to effectively create a vision and course of action while simultaneously engaging my team and the customer in a way that brings everyone on board.

I have had the pleasure of being a part of some major landmark projects, such as the Upper Zakum field in Abu Dhabi, the Alaska Gathering Centers, and most recently, the design of a world first; an offshore LNG development in the Gulf of Mexico.  Each enabling me to acquire education and experience that would have been impossible to obtain otherwise. The one standout project I consider my greatest accomplishment however involved a full Gulf of Mexico field development using 100% refurbished structures and equipment, plus a lot of creativity.

What makes you proud to work at Wood?

I have worked at several companies over my career; some good, some bad. Wood is unique in that it offers its people greater opportunity and flexibility than most companies. Many companies attempt to formulize and recipe a business, but Wood allows individual creativity and initiative. Part of our global success is that our solutions are not scripted, leading to further innovation.

Further, I’d say teamwork. At the end of the day it is my team that has provided me any success I have had; without them I would just be another cog in the wheel.

What excites you about the future at Wood?

Evolution.  Wood recognizes how the world and our customers are constantly evolving and takes an active role to partner as the industry transitions. This create continuous opportunities to be involved in exceptional and challenging projects that will require us to develop unique solutions, and that’s why I continue to work at Wood – for the challenges, the opportunities and because it’s fun.