We are starting 2021 safely and strongly as Team Wood by understanding and strengthening our resilience, to support us to keep our people and operations safe.

The intervene element of our Safety Shield is our focus this week. Intervening when it comes to resilience isn’t just about supporting yourself, it’s about supporting others. Please use the resources below to speak and listen up to one another.

Please continue to keep your own and your teammates' wellbeing at the centre of your conversations and actions, to keep us strong together as Team Wood throughout this year.

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"It's fine not to be fine, it's fine to speak up and it's fine to say I need help. And to those people that helped me - thank you."

Peter Chatwin-Parr shares his mental health journey after an incident that had a massive effect on him personally. Watch the video here.

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A sense of balance in life is important in remaining resilient. It means you have the opportunity to rest and recharge and focus on the different things in your life that are important.

Download this moment to help take positive steps to get the balance right in your life.

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When we care for others, we can help build everyone’s resilience. Being in a friend or colleague's corner can make all the difference.

Download this moment for tips on being there for others and share the short video with your teammates.

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Many of us have so many responsibilities in life that we can forget to take care of our own personal needs, but self-care is an important aspect of stress management and strengthening our resilience.

Download this moment and watch the short video on looking after yourself.

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      with a head set on

We have launched a series of webinars to help support mental heath, stress management and strengthen our resilience together.

You can find information on the webinars and the booking form here, where you can also access the full range of Wood personal development webinars.

Click below to download a poster to share resources with site colleagues

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Remember that you and your loved ones can also access our Employee Assistance Programme for free, anonymously at any time 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It's here for you, with a wealth of additional resources and support for your emotional wellbeing.

Click the links below to access support in your region:


Website: www.unumlifeworks.co.uk

Username: unum

Password: lifeworks

Phone: 0800 048 2702

US & Rest of World

Website: http://global.resourcesforyourlife.com

Company Code: Wood

Phone: Click for full listing by country Download a wallet card

Norway (Click Here)

Access more of our Safe Start resources below