Let’s start this new year safely and strongly as Team Wood.

Caring for one another, committing to the possibilities we create together and having the courage to adapt; it is your resilience as individuals, and together as a global community, that achieves this.

Understanding and strengthening our resilience supports us to keep our people and operations safe.

Taking the additional time to prepare by assessing risks, ensuring we fully engage with each other before we start work, being courageous to intervene if we think someone needs support.

We begin 2021 by raising the Safety Shield to support our resilience as a global community, together.

Over the next four weeks we will share resources and personal stories from Wood colleagues to help you and your teammates speak and listen up about emotional wellbeing and resilience.

We'll focus on the three elements of the Safety Shield:

  • Prepare by understanding your resilience
  • Engage with others, taking the time to listen and speak up
  • Intervene by looking out for others and reaching out for support and resources

Below are some resilience resources to help you. Please use these resources to start conversations with your colleagues; speaking and listening up to care for one another.

Picture of Emma

Emma Mackintosh, a renewable energy consultant at Wood, shares her mental health journey.

"About three years ago I had burnout and a breakdown - pretty horrific stuff. It was also really surprising at the time, I was happy, healthy, loved my job."

Watch Emma's video here.

Picture of a plant

Resilience is often spoken about in terms of navigating or simply getting through challenges. But the key part of resilience isn’t just about bouncing back, it’s about bouncing forward.

Download this moment and share the short video with your colleagues.

Picture of a group of people

Our relationships and teams can help us overcome adverse or difficult situations. Creating a positive, open and honest environment builds resilience, helping everyone work through difficult situations with positivity.

Download this moment to connect with, and learn more about, your teammates.

Are you OK? Speech bubble

Stress can be a positive force in our lives, but too much can have the opposite effect.

Download this moment for learning techniques to manage the effects of stress. There is also a link to a podcast you can explore on building your resilience muscles.

Click below to download a poster to share resources with site colleagues

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Remember that you and your loved ones can also access our Employee Assistance Programme for free, anonymously at any time 24 hours a day 365 days a year. It's here for you, with a wealth of additional resources and support for your emotional wellbeing.

Click the links below to access support in your region:


Website: www.unumlifeworks.co.uk

Username: unum

Password: lifeworks

Phone: 0800 048 2702

US & Rest of World

Website: http://global.resourcesforyourlife.com

Company Code: Wood

Phone: Click for full listing by country Download a wallet card

Norway (Click Here)

Access more of our Safe Start resources below