Creating a sustainable environment across the water cycle.

Water covers approximately two-thirds of the planet’s surface. Almost 97% of water is contained in the ocean, leaving only 3% for freshwater. Freshwater is distributed in various ecosystems across lakes, rivers, glaciers, ice and the atmosphere. By combining multiple disciplines across the entire water cycle, we help create a sustainable environment for people and natural ecosystems.

Hydro-ecology and ecosystems management

Balancing the demands of water use and environmental protection in a rapidly developing world requires an understanding of the interaction among surface, soil and groundwater systems, and ecology. We believe that finding this balance requires a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach of hydro-ecology and ecosystems management.

We specialise in all areas of hydro-ecology, including hydrology, hydrogeology, ecology, economics, geomorphology and water quality, supported by water operations and engineering design. From forested red-maple swamps to tidal marshlands, our scientists have a comprehensive understanding of freshwater and coastal wetland systems. We implement resilience and adaptation measures to effectively manage, conserve and restore diverse ecosystems and reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.

Meteorology, ocean and weather services

You rely on oceanographic and marine services to improve the safety and efficiency of your operations. Our met-ocean team assesses and finds risks associated with weather and the oceans that impact facilities and operations.

In order to make highly informed decisions about environmentally sensitive operations during offshore and coastal engineering projects, you need high-resolution meteorological and oceanographic forecasts. By integrating your data with public weather data into custom models, we deliver meteorological forecasting excellence.

Risk, response and recovery

Government, business and industry customers around the world require risk, response and recovery services to become more resilient. Our experience defining, displaying and communicating risk and mitigation solutions provides a path for improved asset protection. Once a risk is identified, communicated and mitigated to the maximum extent practical, our staff assist you in preparing for the remaining risk. Our own trained response teams are also available to respond after an event to speed recovery. Our full-service planning, environmental assessment, engineering design, permitting and construction management services provide you with a navigable path to recovery. Improved resilience is built into all our recovery services.