Sustainably meeting the demands of today's water networks.

A clean, safe and dependable water supply is vital for communities, industries and agriculture. Wood’s expertise in water supply and treatment is relied upon by industries and municipalities around the world. We work with customers to sustainably meet the demands of a modern water network with our comprehensive engineering design and environmental services.

Municipal treatment, storage and distribution

We help communities establish and maintain the supply of water, from the development of new water systems to the expansion and rehabilitation of existing water infrastructure. We recognise the importance of cost-effectively delivering water to meet the demands on a modern water network. For water purveyors faced with ageing networks, Wood develops rehabilitation and renewal options for existing infrastructure that meet their objectives for quality and value.

Demand management and smart infrastructure

We provide technology solutions that complement our traditional engineering services by adding value and creating efficiencies for customers. Our technology specialists implement systems to measure expected water usage and demand and its efficient use of water resources across the water cycle.

Industrial and agriculture use

A reliable supply of water is vital to maintain continued production from industry and agriculture. We optimise processes to provide more efficient operation at reduced cost, improved quality and environmental compliance. Power, oil & gas, mining, agriculture and commercial/industrial sectors rely on our multidisciplinary services to deliver focused solutions for water supply, treatment and re-use.