With a strong hydrogen past, we have a good view on the future

Hydrogen can play a significant role in the global energy transition and given our unique breadth of expertise, we are well placed to provide solutions in all aspects of its production, storage and distribution.

Hydrogen has the highest energy content of any fuel and is well proven in industrial processes. It produces no emissions or pollutants during the combustion process, offering outstanding potential to decarbonise several sectors.

Our experience in the opportunities and challenges of hydrogen is decades-long. Our process technology team are global market leaders and, for over 60 years, have been supplying hydrogen production units based on steam reforming processes.

The environmental impact and efficiency of hydrogen depends on how it is produced: electricity or heat can power the process, but if the source of power is fossil fuel then the environmental benefits will only be realised if emissions are captured and stored. With this in mind we are at the forefront of developing reforming and carbon capture technologies as well as exploring reforming of bio-derived feedstocks and the production of hydrogen from renewables such as solar and wind.

Our ability to successfully deliver hydrogen projects draws on our multidisciplinary approach; combining our significant experience in hydrogen production and handling technologies together with our sector-leading clean energy knowledge.

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