We offer a broad range of services for thermal and biological conversion-based energy generation technologies.

There is increasing recognition that biomass in the form of wood, agricultural residues and other organic materials is a vital component of the renewable energy mix. The requirement to minimise material sent to landfills, even after recycling, creates opportunities to use resources more efficiently as an energy source. Material that previously would have been thought of as waste is increasingly being viewed as an important energy source.

Many different technologies exist for processing and extracting energy, both heat and power, from biologically derived material. Our project experience ranges from small commercial heat generation to large industrial heat and power plants, and processing a wide range of feedstock from virgin woodchips and pellets to a range of materials that would traditionally have been treated as waste.

Some of our capabilities include:

  • Technology evaluation
  • Project management
  • Due diligence and assessment services for lenders and investors
  • Resource and energy demand assessment

We have provided definition, conceptual and detailed design to construction services and acted as owner’s engineer in multiple countries, including Canada, US, Fiji, Chile, Uruguay, Czech Republic, Indonesia, Australia, Poland and the UK.