Hydropower offers a source of electricity generation that is sustainable, has low costs and low maintenance.

Our engineers and consultants provide technical services to support the planning, development, installation, commissioning and operation of hydroelectric plants around the world.

Hydropower offers a clean, renewable and sustainable source of energy with great potential to contribute to the renewable energy portfolios in many regions of the world.

Our team is experienced in assisting plant owners, financial institutions, lenders and developers in the technical aspects of hydroelectric power projects. We have the in-house capability to develop small run-of-river schemes to medium-sized hydropower projects, and upgrade existing facilities to take advantage of the latest technologies.

We have provided a broad range of services to utilities and private developers for hydroelectric and water resource projects in many locations around the world. Our hydropower services include:

  • initial development concept
  • site investigation
  • feasibility
  • energy yield prediction
  • technical due diligence
  • lender's engineer
  • conceptual design
  • environmental assessment
  • detailed design
  • permitting
  • construction
  • commissioning
  • operation and maintenance

Our services are tailored to your needs, offering practical, informed and valuable advice no matter the stage of your hydro project.